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I have been coming to Dr. Daknis for 13 years.  He has done epidural blocks and a discectomy.  Each procedure I trust him explicitly.  He is one of the top  pain managers that I know and have recommended him to many of my friends.  You cannot find  better staff in the office nor can you find better staff in each of the surgical centers that he uses.  This is one of the most professional, kind and considerate practices you'll ever meet.  You'll be surprised that if you don't need his services, he will tell you that.  Dr. Dakis is a true physician.

Vincent R.

I've had a headache for six months that was so bad it caused vomiting.  I also had pain in my neck and legs due to an auto accident.  Thanks to Dr. Daknis my headache is gone.  I am so grateful to you for all the positive results you've given me.

Dolores Z.

Dr Daknis is a great doctor who takes his time to listen to his patients and keep their best interest in mind. I would recommend him to anyone with spine pain, he has made a difference in my life.

Krisha McCaleb

Dr. Daknis is terrific! He is both professional and personable...a great combination for a doctor to have...add in his skills and knowledge and you have the perfect medical provider! His listening and communication skills create an interactive doctor-patient environment in which he provides not only education about your concerns but is thus able to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment. treatment. He has also created a staff that reflects his values.


Dr. Daknis,
I can't tell you what it's meant to me for you to take not only the time out of your schedule for me, but also I want to thank you for never making me feel like I wasn't, well, a paying patient! You have been unbelievably kind and understanding and without these injections I would not be able to feel and dance like the girl on the wine bottle! (Which is why I needed to get that one ha). Anyway thank you so so so very much. You've been an ACTUAL life saver. Really.

Lindsay F.

Dear Dr. Daknis & Sue,

I just want to thank you for all you have done for me. Since my first accident you have helped me put the pieces back together and given me my life back. Then came the second accident. I thought I would never be pain free again. But I was wrong. You once again gave me my life back. And now after all the accidents and surgery you helped me again. The spinal cord stimulator you implanted was a gift from heaven. It is because of your incredible medical abilities and compassion that I live a normal life with my wife and children. I truly owe you my life. Thank you.

Evan K.

Dear Dr Daknis, Vanessa, Danielle,Deb and all you great staff,

I could never thank you all enough for your really wonderful care and caring during the past year!  You always helped me with a smile and kindness, no matter what I needed. You are all truly very special people.

Rosemary W.

Dr Sharma and Staff,

I just want to say thank you for all your help and support with my pain management and hope the New Year brings the best to you all.

Steven W & Children

Dear Dr Sharma, Pat and Staff

All of you have been so very helpful and kind. Words cannot express how truly thankful I am. Also, Thanks to Dr Sharma I have my life back!!! I am so relieved to finally be pain free and know that I have finally found a doctor and staff who will go above and beyond.

Nadine P.

Dear Doctor Sharma, Sue Debbie and Staff

Thank You for all your care and support during a very difficult time for me.

James B.

Dear Dr Sharma,

I should have written this letter to you along time ago. I have been a patient of yours for several years and I want to thank you for helping me with my pain and medical concerns. When no one else could get to the root of my pain, you were able with ease to help me. You are the best Doctor I have ever been to and thanks for your concern for me and your professionalism and expertise in your profession. I also want you to know your staff is awesome. Never ever have I had one problem getting help or answers to my problems. I especially want you to know that Pat and Sue are the best at what they do, don’t ever let them leave. When I call with a problem and I have had many with my Workers Compensation Ins. Co both Pat and Sue have been right there to help me. When I come to your, my appointment time is actually when I go in, there is no waiting in  the lobby. All of your staff is superior to any other Doctor’s office I have ever been to. I just thought you needed to know just how much I appreciate you and your staff. Again from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.


To Dr Sharma, Sue and of course to the absolute amazing staff (both on the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor)

Thank you so much for all the hard work you all do on a regular basis. Your kindness, warmth and professionalism has truly made such a horrific time in my life bearable. Your thoughtfulness never goes unnoticed with me. Thank you again for always being there for me, and at times going out of your way for me. This of course shows me what a “beyond” terrific group of souls you all are.

Adrienne B

To an absolutely incredible Dr. Sharma an his “go out of their way”, fabulous, beyond amazing, awesome staff- Another year has passed, and another year of being blessed having a doctor and staff that guided me through it- I thank you Dr Sharma for your patience and understanding. You and your outstanding staff are so kind and caring, that gets me through these painful times-words really cannot do you all justice. May 2013 fill your home and hearts with love, health, happiness and forever laughter and joy.


Before I met Dr. Sharma, I was suffering from the effects of an accident at work combined with degenerative disc disease. I had numerous spinal surgeries, yet I continued to find even the smallest movements to be painful. There seemed to be no comfortable position for me to sit or stand. Even a short walk to the next room exacerbated the pain to an intolerable level. I rarely slept in my bed because of the pain I experienced when I laid down. When I finally fell asleep it was only out of exhaustion, and then for not more than thirty minutes at a time because the pain would wake me up. I was taking large amounts of painkillers by mouth and they tended to upset my stomach in addition to having a detrimental effect on my mood and overall feeling of well-being.
Since I started using the morphine pump which Dr. Sharma installed, my quality of life has been much improved. Using the pump, I no longer take large amounts of oral painkillers, so I am much sharper mentally. By releasing the morphine directly into my spine, the pump affords me a significant amount of pain relief without the side effects that I experienced while I used other forms of pain management. I am able to sleep for longer periods of time in my own bed now, and my enjoyment of the "simple things" in life has returned.
I would recommend a consultation with Dr. Sharma to anyone who has been through the maze of treatment disappointments that seems to accompany severe back pain.


To Dr. Daknis & Staff,
Thank you for giving my mother renewed hope, for taking her pain seriously and for being so kind and compassionate. It is truly appreciated.

Sylvia J.

We have been together for a long time. You have helped me in more ways then I can count. Please accept this small token of thanks.

Joseph C.
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